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Marie Sharp's Beware Comatose Heat Level


Pain Level 10

Dr. Burnörium says:

Dr. Burnorium Says

Marie Sharp's habanero pepper sauces are produced in her beloved home country of Belize and are revered by chilli-heads the world over for their exceptional quality and freshness of flavour.

Beware Comatose Heat Level is the hottest offering from the Marie Sharp's range, but the predominant flavour, as with all her sauces, comes from the fruity, fiery, locally farmed habanero peppers she packs into every bottle.

A truly exceptional sauce from a truly exceptional lady.


The label says:


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. Got water?

For connoisseurs of extreme heat and quality sauces only! All others BEWARE.

Do not play tricks on the weak or elderly with this sauce.

Great for cooking. Flavor soups, sauces and stir fries or add boiled water for rice, pasta or boiled seafood.

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Habanero Pepper Mash, Capsicum Oil, Fresh Carrots, Vinegar, Key Lime Juice, Tomato, N'awlins Cajun & Creole Spices, Onions, Garlic, Salt.

Size: 148ml (5fl.oz)

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