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Queen Majesty Hot Sauce

These tasty sauces are back in stock with the addition of the Limited Edition Manzano Serrano sauce.

Introducing this tasty duo

Bunsters Salami and Green & Gold Hot Sauce.

Crazy Bastard Sauces

They are back and ready to tantalise your tastebuds

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Old Duppy has arrived

All the way from the sunny tropical island of Barbados, these sauce are here to make your life a little brighter ☀️

Bravado Spice Co Is Back!

Grab your favourite sauce or discover a new flavour. All of them are delicious!

Drizzle, Drench, Devour!

JD's Delicious chilli infused hot honey is here to add a kick and sweetness to any dish!

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All the gods of the hot sauce world are here; Psycho Juice, Blair's Death Sauce, Dave's Insanity Sauce, Mad Dog, CaJohns, Pain Is Good and Marie Sharp's to name but a few. Please enter and worship them at your leisure.