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Newest Memeber Of The Family 🔥

Psycho Juice Scotch Bonnet

Take Me There

New Dark Arts Collections

Get your favourite Psycho Juice and Psycho Nuts in the infamous Dark Arts box.

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They may be mini but they are Psycho.

Ideal as a gift or a sample pack as an introduction to the wonderful world of my Psycho Juice hot sauces.

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DON'T PANIC - Business As Usual

We are prepared but we will keep you updated if anything changes.

We Now Ship Internationally

World domination, one hot sauce at a time 😈 🌍

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Your one-stop shop for the world's finest hot sauces, spicy BBQ sauces, mind-blowing chilli extracts, hellishly hot mustards, flaming wing sauces, chilli rubs & seasonings, ferociously fiery snacks and chillihead gift packs.

All the gods of the hot sauce world are here; Psycho Juice, Blair's Death Sauce, Dave's Insanity Sauce, Mad Dog, CaJohns, Pain Is Good and Marie Sharp's to name but a few. Please enter and worship them at your leisure.