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Pain Is Good #37 Garlic Style


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Pain Level 9

Dr. Burnörium says:

Dr. Burnorium SaysI'd like to introduce you to Mo.

He's the guy on the label and he's responsible for Pain Is Good #37 Garlic Style.

If you're a garlic-lover who can handle the fire then this is the sauce for you.

It's packed with the stuff but beautifully balanced with a wonderful blend of habanero peppers, carrots, mustard seed, lemon and lime.

This is a sauce that screams quality, screams flavour and screams at you from the label.

Nice one Mo!


The label says:

There is a point where pleasure and pain intersect.

A doorway to a new dimension of sensual euphoria. Where fire both burns and soothes. Where heat engulfs every neuron within you.

Once the line is crossed, once the bottle is opened, once it touches your lips, there is no going back.

Pain Is Good.

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Habaneros, Water, Carrots, Garlic, Mustard (Distilled Vinegar,Water, Mustard Seed, Salt, Turmeric, Paprika, Spice, Garlic Powder), White Vinegar, Onion Powder, Olive Oil, Lemon & Lime Juice Concentrate, Spices.

Size: 210g (7.5fl.oz)

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