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Ginger Beard's Preserves Jalapeno Loco


Pain Level 3

Dr Burnorium Says:

Dr. Burnorium Says

A truly tasty Jalapeño sauce with just the right amount of kick!


The Label Says:

This herb-infused green chilli sauce lives up to the collaborator’s name: a mad adaptation of a salsa verde. Packed-full of herby flavours, it’s fit to spice-up any pasta dish and works a treat with lamb.

Winner of Taste of the West Gold Award 2019

GingerBeard’s Preserves is dedicated to making awesome tasting craft preserves! Everything is handmade in small batches to ensure quality using no artificial preservatives, pectin or gelling agents.

Winner of Taste of the West Gold Award 2019

In collaboration with Pasta Loco

Made by a man with a ginger beard in Bristol

Gluten Free – Vegan

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Jalapeno chillies (39%), cider vinegar, green peppers, onion, water, garlic, capers, parsley (1%), basil (1%), mint (1%), mustard powder, lemon juice, sea salt, chilli powder

Size: 140 ml

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