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Mad Dog 357 Silver Collector's Edition



Pain Level 10++++

Dr. Burnörium says:

Dr. Burnorium SaysTaking Mad Dog 357 to the next level this Silver Collector's edition weighs in at a mind-blowing 750,000 Scovilles.

This is where we find out who the big boys really are.

At this point I think it may be appropriate to publicly apologise to my friend Alex for the pain I inflicted upon him during a BBQ we held at Burnörium Towers.

As is usual at any gathering myself and Mrs Burnörium host, there is a fair chance that a sample of something nuclear will make an appearance during the course of the evening.

I now accept that I should have warned Alex that the Mad Dog 357 Silver Collector's Edition was in a different league to hot sauces he'd tried before.

I also accept that is was wrong to lock the back door so he couldn't get into the kitchen to douse the fire with the milk and yoghurt in my fridge.

I also now realise that it was insensitive to have been laughing to such an extent that I thought my sides were going to explode as I witnessed Alex rushing around my garden desperately applying his tongue to a paving slab, a metal clothes line, a window, the frame of my daughter's bike and a stone gargoyle in a vain attempt to quell the flames.

Sorry Alex.

Mad Dog 357 Silver Collector's Edition comes with a really nifty bullet keyring that unscrews to reveal a tiny tasting spoon.

Unlike Alex's mouth, how cool is that.


☠ PLEASE NOTE: By adding this product into your basket you are confirming that you have read my HOT SAUCE DISCLAIMER and agree to the contents therein without question.


The label says:

Warning: This sauce is very hot - Use it at your own risk.

I agree, as indicated by my opening of this bottle, as follows in connection with my purchase of this product:

1. This product is extremely hot. You should use it with extreme care.

2. This product is to be used at my own risk and I fully understand the potential danger if used or handled improperly.

3. If I give this product as a gift I will make the recipient fully aware of the potential danger if used or handled improperly.

4. I hearby disclaim, release and relinquish any and all claims, actions and lawsuits that I, or any of my dependents, heirs, family members or legal representatives, may have against any party relating to any damage or injury that results, or is alleged to have resulted, from the use, consumption, ingestion, contact or other use of or from this product.

5. I am not inebriated or otherwise not of a sound mind and I am fully able to make a sound decision about the purchase of this product.

750,000 Scoville Units.

Ted & Leo say:

Let's have a tablespoon of Mad Dog 357 Silver Collector's Edition and see what happens.



Vinegar, Chile Extract, Evaporated Cane Juice, Fresh Habanero Peppers, Garlic, Onion, 160,000 Scoville Cayenne Peppers, Spices, Xanthan Gum.

Size: 148ml (5oz)

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