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Meet Greg and David, the brothers and co-founders behind Melinda’s Hot Sauce, where passion for flavour ignited a revolution in the hot sauce industry. Dissatisfied with the blandness of other sauces, they embarked on a journey to elevate the culinary experience by infusing their creations with fire and freshness. By sourcing the freshest ingredients and the finest chili peppers, they pioneered unique heat levels for each sauce, setting Melinda’s apart for 34 years. Their chef-inspired approach ensures that every sauce is a masterpiece, a perfect balance of heat and flavour that enhances any dish. Embrace the Melinda’s Difference and elevate your taste buds to new heights.

  • Melinda's Ghost Pepper Hot Honey
    Melinda's Ghost Pepper Hot Honey
  • Melinda's Hot Honey
    Melinda's Hot Honey