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~ Chilli Rubs & Seasonings ~

Blonde Beard's

Crafted with love by Adam and Cara Nelson, the dynamic duo known as Mr. and Mrs. Blonde Beard. Born from their passion for wings and a desire to innovate, Blonde Beard’s offers the world’s first craft buffalo sauce. Made with real butter and exciting ingredients, each batch is crafted to perfection by hand.
Their journey began under the starry skies of Atlanta, Georgia, where wings were a cherished part of their upbringing. From country kitchens to tailgate spreads, their love for wings grew alongside their culinary skills. Inspired by their travels and fuelled by their passion, they embarked on a quest to create the ultimate wing sauce.
Now, Blonde Beard’s is more than just a hobby; it’s a thriving business built on their love for good food. Join them on this epic journey and let Blonde Beard’s become a staple in your kitchen.

  • Blonde Beard's The Rooster Wing Rub
    Blonde Beard's The Rooster Wing Rub