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~ BBQ Sauces, Wing Sauces & Mayo ~

Weymouth 51

Introducing Weymouth 51, a Dorset-based family venture blending culinary expertise with a passion for tongue-tingling chilli sauces. Founded by Mikka and David, their journey from high-end visual merchandising and professional culinary arts led to the creation of Weymouth 51 in 2019. With over 51 varieties of British-grown chillies, natural fermentation methods, and a dedication to local ingredients, their sauces offer layers of natural, fruity, and aromatic flavours, free from preservatives and vegan-friendly. From humble beginnings to crafting unique sauces, Weymouth 51 is redefining the chilli sauce experience, one drop at a time.

  • Weymouth 51 Moo Glaze
    Weymouth 51 Moo Glaze