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~ Yellowbird » Hot Chilli Sauces ~

When you think of hot sauce makers you may be forgiven for thinking of secretive, mad alchemists weaving their arcane magics in dark laboratories, creating new Scoville scale shattering blends to detonate your face.  What you may not envision is a small group of socially and environmentally conscious heat and flavour enthusiasts with a back story sweet enough to infuriate your dentist.  

Meet Yellowbird.  Yellowbird Foods took inspiration from the animal kingdom and chose their name after observing small birds feeding on raw Habanero peppers.  These birds are immune to the wonderfully torturous capsaicin burn bestowed upon us mammals, they go about their happy little lives with plentiful food whilst propagating the crop through, erm, digestion.  A perfect circle of nature.
That is where the sauces come in, from farm to bottle every ingredient is 100% natural. Thick, fruity and with zero filler ingredients, these condiment sauces will breathe warm fiery life into any meal or snack.  Sauce responsibly, always use a condiment.