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Blair's Pure Death



Pain Level 8

Dr. Burnörium says:

Dr. Burnorium SaysI'm a massive fan of Blair's sauces and Pure Death is right up there amongst my favourites.

I can't think of any food that will not been improved, enlivened and totally transformed by a generous dash of Pure Death.

I even admit to taking a swig straight out of the bottle once, but I got a disapproving look from Mrs Burnörium so, if I want an immediate fiery fix now, I cut a lump of cheese and slather it with Pure Death.

The secret of this sauce lies in it's simplicity.

Pure Death contains very few ingredients but it's totally natural bright orange colour is testament to the fact that it's absolutely packed to the rafters with wonderful orange habanero pods.

Crack the lid open and you can actually smell the flavour.

Taste it and you'll experience a sensational fruity, fire that's fresh, clean and totally pure.

Absolutely stunning!

Comes in a presentation box with great graphics and Blair's trademark keyring attached to the bottle.


The box says:

Four letters in Pure, four ingredients in Pure.

Orange Habaneros, Naga Jolokia (rippin' hot), Vinegar and Baked Hawaiian Red Salt.

Nothing less than amazing.

Warning, this sauce is addicting. Use it for all your chili needs.

You will Feel Alive in the purest of ways.


Since 1989, it has been my passion to create food that makes you smile. I love to watch your eyes light up, your face fill with laughter, and the warm glow of heat make you FEEL ALIVE.

I am fun in a bottle for you to enjoy.

Welcome to my wonderful world of spice.

Just be yourself and Feel Alive. 

Your Chilipal,

Blair Lazar.


SUGGESTED USES: This is the sauce with no limits. Universal flavor appeal the world over.


Leo, Nich & Lok say:

Let's have a tablespoon of Blair's Pure Death and see what happens.



Habanero Chile Pods, Naga Jolokia, Vinegar, Hawaiian Red Salt.

Size: 150ml (5fl oz)

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