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Heartbeat Hot Sauce Jalapeno


Pain Level 2


Dr. Burnörium says:

Dr. Burnorium Says

Looking for a sauce that has the flavour but with little payback in the way of burning?

Then here you are folks, the sauce you have been looking for.

Delicious with a great jalapeno taste and more subtle heat.

This sauce is that good that it can be enjoyed on whatever you can get your grubby lil mitts on.


The label says:

An addition to the Heartbeat Hot Sauce lineup, a slightly milder offering made with fresh jalapeño and fermented serrano peppers to give that signature Heartbeat flavour and perfectly balanced heat.

As with the original Red Habanero, we’ve produced this without the use of any preservatives, thickening agents, extracts and no added water, giving you a pure and natural hot sauce that’s all flavour and can be enjoyed on practically anything!


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Jalapeno, onion, distilled vinegar, serrano pepper, sugar, lime juic, garlic, canola oil, salt, cilantro

Size: 177ml

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