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Yellowbird Ghost Pepper Condiment


Pain Level 4

Dr. Burnörium says:

Dr. Burnorium SaysIn addition to having a good heat that any real hot sauce lover will enjoy, this sauce also has a deep and complex flavor.

Excellent combination of flavour and spiciness. Like in any other Yellowbird product, the ingredients in this sauce come through clearly: the first taste you can identify is the hint of lime.

The other ingredients slowly come in together with a good heat, and contribute to making an incredible flavor you won't find in other ghost pepper sauces.

Highly recommended, you won't regret trying this.


The label says:

Our Ghost with The Most is our newest flavor that’s rapidly gaining in popularity.

With a creamy blend of tomatoes, carrots, and ghost peppers, this condiment can easily take over when ketchup just isn’t cutting it.

Crafted using real ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial anything. We focus on bringing out the flavor of the spicy peppers we use, rather than the heat, and slow cook our sauce to perfection.

Use it on tacos, burgers, sushi, pasta, steak, fish, eggs, pizza, salad… anything you can think of!

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Water, Organic Tomato Paste, Organic Carrots, Onions, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Organic Cane Sugar, Tangerine Juice Concentrate, Ghost Pepper, Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate

Size: 278g (9.8 oz)

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