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Hot-Headz Trinidad Scorpion


Pain Level 10

Dr. Burnörium says:

Dr. Burnorium SaysSearingly hot sauce wtih superb flavour.

The fruity taste of the Scorpions hits you first, then comes the heat.. and it stings!



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The label says:

The Hottest all natural, non-extract sauce on the market.

First you get an explosion of flavour as your senses tingle with the sweet, fruity flavour engulfing your whole mouth and tongue - then the Scorpion stings!

Hang on tight because you're in for one hell of a ride! This Caribbean delight is Super Hot!

Scoville Rating: 800.000 to 2.000.000

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Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Peppers (57%), water, natural preservative acetic acid E260, natural thickener xanthan gum E415, salt, natural preservative ascorbic acid E300.

Size: 148ml (5 fl oz)

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