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Ginger Beard's Preserves Moor Ghost Pepper Fusion


Pain Level 6

Dr Burnorium Says:

Dr. Burnorium Says

Delicious hot sauce with a great depth of flavor. So versatile it can be used on everything, from sandwiches to cooked breakfasts, BBQ burgers and so much more.

The complexity of flavours is complemented by just the right amount of spicyness.

The heat is not extreme (won't blow your head off) but very enjoyable.

A Must-Try Sauce!


The Label Says:

This HOT Sauce is special and produced only once every year.

The Ghost Chilli and Habanero have been lightly smoked over oak to complement The Moor Beer Company’s Fusion, their Old Ale aged in calvados barrels.

This is a very HOT sauce with a very special flavour, a must-have for any chilli head!

In collaboration with The Moor Beer Company


Made by a man with a ginger beard in Bristol

This hot sauce is made once a year using the previous years Fusion from the Moor Beer Company.

The flavour of the beer slightly changes every year depending on the barrels the beer is aged in.

Ginger Beard's Preserves therefore adapt their recipe to complement the beer.

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Beer – The Moor Beer Company’s Fusion (water, malted barley, wheat, hops, yeast), Cider Vinegar, red pepper, oak smoked ghost chilli (13%), carrot, onion, oak smoked habanero, garlic, veg oil, sea salt.

Size: 140 ml

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