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Blair's Mini Death 4 Pack


Temporarily Out Of Stock

Pain Level 9

Dr. Burnörium says:

Dr. Burnorium SaysNot only is this is a fantastic gift for the discerning chillihead but it's also a great introduction to the wonderful world of Blair's Death Sauces for those who may not have tried them.

The Blair's Mini Death 4 Pack contains four mini 60ml bottles of his finest fiery concoctions all packaged up in a nifty bottle holder with great graphics and a couple of Blair's famous skull keyrings to boot.

I've averaged the sauces out to a pain level 9 but the pack contains:

  • Blair's Jalapeno Death - Pain Level 5. 
  • Blair's Original Death - Pain Level 6. 
  • Blair's After Death - Pain Level 10+ 
  • Blair's Sudden Death - Pain Level 10++

So, a bit of something for everyone to enjoy there then.

Just a friendly little word in your ear. Blokes do not want socks, slippers, or Homer Simpson boxer shorts (no offence Homer, I think you're a legend) for Christmas, birthdays or any other time of the bloody year.

What they DO want is Blair's Death Sauces.

Just thought I'd mention it.


The pack says:

The Hottest Sauce on Planet Earth.

Feel Alive.

Over 15 million survived worldwide.



Blair's Jalapeno Death:
Jalapeno Chiles, Vinegar, Tomatillo, Fresh Garlic, Key Lime Juice, Shallots, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Cilantro, Cane Sugar, Onions, Tequila, Spices and Xanthan Gum.

Blair's Original Death:
Red and Orange Habaneros, Vinegar, Fresh Cayenne, Smashed Garlic, Chipotle, Lime Juice, Cilantro, Fresh Herbs, Spices.

Blair's After Death:
Habanero Peppers, Cayenne Peppers, Vinegar, Smashed Garlic, Pepper Extract, Chipotle Chile, Lime Juice, Cilantro, Fresh Herbs and Spices.

Blair's Sudden Death:
Red Habanero Pods, Cayenne Chiles, White Vinegar, Soybean Oil, Pure Pepper Resin, Clover Honey, Key Lime Juice, Siberian Ginseng and Spices.

Size: 4 x 60ml (2oz) bottles

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