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Grim Reaper Extract Affliction 9 Million


Pain Level 10+++++


The Label Says:

Dr. Burnorium Says

Affliction™ 9 Million Scoville Chilli Extract

Rated at 9 Million Scovilles - yes, that's right - 9,000,000 Scoville Heat Units!!!!!

By far the hottest product we do is the 9 Million Scoville extract named Affliction™.

Ideal for your kitchen experiments. Can be added to wet dishes like curries, and chilli con carne at the last minute, a touch on a wooden spatula stirred in (then disposed of).

Perfect chilehead gift.  This is an extreme product. (see disclaimer below) Do not use any cutlery you wish to re use with this.

Due to its viscosity, it is extremely difficult to clean.

Please use wooden stirrers, cocktail sticks to lift some out.

This product is a paste at room temperature. I STRONGLY SUGGEST LEAVING IT SO.

It is far easier not to spill, or get on your hands, in your eyes, around the nether regions, or anywhere else you don't want it for that matter, if you left it as a paste.

Should you wish to warm it to a fluid, be it on your own head..

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Chilli Extract from cayenne peppers

Size: 15ml

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