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~ Hot Chilli Sauces ~


Culley’s – named after owner and founder Chris Cullen, a playful nickname now crafting its way as a household brand around the globe.

Chris’ passion for all things hot started from a very young age and saw him creating hot sauces for friends and family neatly branded with his trusty potato stamp. Fast-forward 20 years.

After a lengthy career as a chef, and much encouragement from his mates, Chris decided to turn his passion into a business and alas, Culley’s was born!

  • Culley's Applewood
    Culley's Applewood
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  • Culley's Brutality Hot Sauce
    Culley's Brutality Hot Sauce
  • Culley's Fire Water
    Culley's Fire Water
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  • Culley's Habanero
    Culley's Habanero
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  • Culley's Hickory No. 2
    Culley's Hickory No. 2
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